Do You Have Periodontal Disease?
December 30, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Millions of Americans have gum disease. Do you?

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults and, unfortunately, most people don’t even know that they have this serious oral issue. It’s important to recognize the warning signs so that you can turn to our Columbia, SC, dentist, Dr. Kris O’Neill, right away for treatment.

Gum Disease Has Different Stages

There are three main stages of gum disease: gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. During the beginning stage, also referred to as gingivitis, you may barely notice any changes to your gums; however, our Columbia, SC, dentist will be able to spot even the slightest changes during a routine cleaning. Therefore, even if you think your teeth and gums are healthy, you should still visit your dentist every six months for checkups.

Sometimes gingivitis causes gums to bleed when you brush and floss. This is a classic and more common symptom of early gum disease. The gums may also be puffy, red, and tender to the touch. If gingivitis isn’t treated it can progress to periodontitis.

Periodontitis results in pockets of infection within the gums that begin to pull the gums away from the teeth. Gums provide the teeth with support, so as the infected pockets grow bigger this destroys the fibers, causing receding gums, and loose teeth. It’s important that you see your dentist right away if you are experiencing,

  • Bleeding gums
  • Gums that are inflamed and swollen
  • Sore gums
  • Gums that recede or teeth that suddenly appear longer
  • Loose teeth
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • Tooth loss

Preventing Gum Disease

Fortunately, keeping your gums healthy really isn’t that difficult. Along with visiting your dentist twice a year, maintaining good oral hygiene will ensure that you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. This means brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Flossing is crucial to removing plaque and food from between teeth and along the gumline where your toothbrush can’t reach.

Flossing before you brush can also help dislodge food particles and plaque from between teeth so that toothpaste can easily get into those crevices and provide a more thorough cleaning.

Need Dental Care? Give Us a Call

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